Tweetbot, why don’t you add a ‘share music’ feature?

ES: Creo que este es mi primer post en inglés, pido disculpas a aquellos que no saben el idioma pero el texto a continuación está dirigido especialmente a los creadores de @tweetbot

EN: I think this is my first english post and I apologize to the non-english readers but the following text is specially dedicated to the makers of @tweetbot

Dear Tweetbot developers,

I LOVE your Twitter client: it has a beautiful designed UI, integration with Pocket and works like a charm. The only thing that is missing is a way to share what I’m listening on my iPhone. Typing the song’s title is a painful thing to do because sometimes I don’t remember its title, or it’s a foreign song with an impossible-to-spell title or just because it’s too long to type.

I’m not asking a complex feature like other apps do where they have a webservice which looks for an album cover and other metadata. What I have in mind is simple as this:

Even my experimental Twitter client, TweetWorld, has this feature. Here’s a small piece of code:

BTW, you can download this icon at

I hope that you appreciate this small contribution and add it on the next release.

Yours sincere
Ezequiel Alejandro Becerra
iOS Developer

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